Yeah we’ll help you, NOT

Ok, I’m going off the beaten path this time. I’m not going to talk about technology in this post at all. Sorry to disappoint but, recently my fiancé and I have come against some obstacles in school that have made her want to stop and me want to press on. Her decision is her own and I have accepted and admire her for that. Getting back to the purpose of this article however, for the past few months we’ve been having issues with our english professor being very rude and personal towards us. Telling us that we need to take better notes (which we have been doing all along) and that if we have questions after that we need to listen (which we do) how in the world do you expect us to do anything different? Oh, and the other day my fiancé got told that it would be easier fi she could use a mouse. Hello wake up she can’t she’s B L I N D. The substitute teacher in this case last Thursday didn’t know how to help so she just didn’t. She made a comment to her basically stating that she didn’t know how she was going to do her work if she couldn’t use a mouse and just left her alone. I’m sorry but this is unacceptable. We pay money to you to get an education and we are being thrown under the bus.
Do you know about the “disability center”? Do you know what there job is? Well, if you don’t let me give you a run down. The so called disability center is a place were you “should” get help with any problems you are having during the semester. The “job” of the disability center is to provide solutions to problems that arise and to provide an equal playing field to all people with disabilities. I’ve found out that they don’t categorize “blindness” as a separate disability. Let me tell you something it is. Blindness doesn’t need to be grouped into low vision or legal blindness. Although I could argue that legal blindness and total blindness are almost the same but, let’s not get into that right now. The point I’m trying to make is that the people at the disability centers say they’ll help however, when it comes down to it they won’t. My fiancé and I both got told that our disability director mind you “was not going to get in the middle.” Well, sorry to bust your bubble Mr. Disability director it’s your freaking JOB. And another thing are some people just idiots when it comes to blindness? Do they not care? Or is it that people who are “trained”don’t give a rats butt? So, here is what’s going to happen and thank God for organizations for the blind. If you haven’t guessed by now, that’s what we are going to do. We are going to get the NFB involved. I must say that I had concerns about doing this. As of now, personally I want the NFB to get involved. If you look at why “blind” and I’m talking legal and total drop out of college, it’s because they don’t have the support of the organizations that fund them and that the disability centers don’t care. Sure, they’ll fight tooth and nail if you have somebody with you to help. But, take the help away and leave a blind person to their own defenses or, in our case leave an engaged blind couple to their defenses and by bye help.
I’m not trying to discourage anybody from going to school. I’m just warning you that your going to face people being idiots and not wanting to help. Your going to have to demand and in some cases threaten with legal and the NFB or your favorite blindness organization to get stuff done. It can be done and my mission is to make the people who are making it even harder see that a blind person can succeed in pursuing a higher level or learning.


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