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Why Apple is not responsible for Foxconn Scandal

March 6, 2012

It’s been a while but I’m back baby! Yeah schools been keeping me in lockdown, but enough about that. I want to talk about Apple for a minute.

If you haven’t been following the news well, shame on you and if you have good job. But, for those of you who haven’t or don’t follow tech news let me fill you in. You’ve probably heard of a company called Apple. Yeah the company that makes the cool iPod Touch you are holding in your hand right now. Well, maybe holding in your hand right now. No, well oh just forget it. My point is Apple is well known for the iPod, iPhone and Mac computers. Recently however the media and tech blog and news sites in general have gotten a hold of something that is totally deciduous. Yes, it’s true that Foxconn has had some problems. Yes, Apple could do more than the bare minimum to make things better. However, I have to argue look at it this way. The people in China are living it up in Foxconn. Do your research in China and you’ll find out that most of the country is in poverty and that there is no middle class system for chinese people to even think about moving up. Foxconn gives the average chinese adult a chance at a better life. We as americans think that where they live at is bad. The living conditions are like military style and dorm room style put together. Basically you have a few people sharing a dorm. Which again to our standards of living is not the best idea situation. Again the chinese people are better off and like it there. Foxconn is a step up for a lot of chinese adults. I agree that Apple could do more than just check the situation and not just slap Foxconn managers and the chinese government on the wrist but let’s face it, Apple is going to do what they want when they want and how they want because it’s Apple, and nobody is going to tell them otherwise.

If you look at this situation from a logical perspective and get your head out of the iCloud (no pun intended) then you’ll see it’s not Apple’s responsibility to do anything about Foxconn. China’s government needs to step in and deal with the situation. Not Apple, your always going to have things that can be done with Apple products, services what have you but, for Apple to deal with something from another country? No, I’m sorry that’s the Chinese governments job not Apple’s. 


The Cloud, Why it’s good and why it’s Bad

June 3, 2011

For a long time now I’ve been using a service called Dropbox. Dropbox is a cloud based (meaning it stores information up on it’s servers)service that stores your information in the cloud, for people who don’t know the cloud is the internet. Now, over all of about 2 years I’ve realized that there are a few downsides to this and also a few good sides.

One major good advantage to the service is it’s free!!!!!! Seriously, you can put at least 2 GB worth of data and access it from any computer or mobile device. For instance I could put a photo up to dropbox and go on my iPhone and look at it. Or, I could go look at it on my laptop. I could even show a friend that same picture on my desktop computer on my 20″ screen. The posibilities are endless. Another cool feature is that you can get 2 GB free when singing other people up. This is exactly what I did when I created my podcast site. I store all my podcasts and intros and ideas for podcasts up to dropbox. How did I do that? Well, I created an account but I used my personal account to send an invite for my podcast cloud. One of the best things that I like about dropbox is that I can store anything up there.

So, say your dropbox account gets compromised and you have photos of family your dog and your friends. Or say that you have a word document for school. (NOTE: this rarely if even happens though). What would you do? This problem occurs a lot with pc hard drives when people don’t back up their drives. So, even though dropbox is a good service for keeping stuff on the internet always have a backup. I actually have two. In my desktop pc I have a 500 GB internal drive and a 250 GB external drive. I keep everything that is important to me (meaning pictures, books, music, documents, podcasts, and podcast stuff ) on both of those drives. Now, you may be thinking well I want everything up in the cloud. 1 bad idea it’s fine to have certain hear me out certain things in the cloud but not everything, especially stuff like bank account information credit card info. No! none of that. It’s ok to have for instance fall class schedule, things like that but no personal info.

Overall it’s a cool service and I enjoy using it, if you need more storage they also have that as well and it’s fairly priced.

DISCLAIMER: I am not a Dropbox spokesperson I am only speaking from my experiences using the service.

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